The Wedding Plan

Your Wedding Day Photography with

1. Pre-Ceremony

Description and Options: These are the photos of the bridal party and family members before the ceremony. We arrive at any point in this process. As early as just getting started on hair and make up or as late as just putting on the finishing touches. This time is also used to get the details of the dress, rings, shoes, and all the things that are planned and picked out but most guest never see.

What’s Typical: Most brides choose to have us there for at least part of the hair and make up as well as slipping into the dress.

The Dressing room: Some of the best photos happen in the dressing room, especially the dress going over the head, or the mom and daughter holding hands, not to mention the dad and daughter first look, or a huge laugh from all the girls. These are moments of love and happiness that photos can treasure forever. Not posed! Not planned! Just us being there in the moment and putting the story on paper.  We like to begin about at least an hour before the wedding. This is the perfect time to get most of the bridesmaids photos and the groomsmen.  I think this is something we are great at and from past weddings, it works wonders to have us there during this time.


The ceremony is a special time where the photographer should be able to get the perfect photographs from all angles, close ups, and wide angles without ever being noticed. We work from the back, move to the sides, and even find ways to shoot from above without any distractions. Not only is it a time to capture the bride and groom, but also the faces and emotion from the parents and the guest. The details of the ceremony, the smile when the groom sees the bride for the first time,  the rings, the songbook, the flowers, and all the little things that so much thought and time was put into.

The Family Photos: This is when we get your family and bridal party photos. We always allow about 30minutes for this to take place. Normally we always talk with the bride and groom first to get a plan together so we can quickly get the family shots done without asking questions or being confused about who comes next.  This can be done in a formal or very casual way. We like to do both! These are some  of the photos that are normally ordered in a large print.

The Reception:

This is the time when we mingle and get shots of the guest, the details, dancing, the fun times, and everyone just being themselves and having a good time. We bring in creative lighting and off camera flashes. We love to stay throughout the reception and get the traditional introductions, first dance, cake cutting, flower tosses, and much more through the night including all the details. Rain or shine, in a house, church , on the beach or under a tent we will work with the lighting and situation to create the best photos. 

The Bride and Groom Photos: We normally take these right after the family photos or later on in the reception closer to sunset. These take about 10 min but seem to always be the bride and groom’s favorite. This is a relaxed moment where the newly wed couple can show their love in candid photos and posed photos. The emotion always shines through when we pull the bride and groom and they can interact as husband and wife for the first time. We specialize in sunset photos and couples. This is our moment to shine also. Going with the personality of the couple, we make these unique and the ones you will hang on your wall in the biggest size you can order them. 

The Exit: